Fun with Hexies

Progress as of June, 2013IMG_0369

I spent a significant portion of the first half of 2013 experimenting with English Paper Piecing.  It took a failed project before I realized that I had to sew the pieces together very tightly, but after that, it was relatively straight forward.  I love the portability of this method, and these hexies were my constant companions on the T for several months.  Unlike the needlepoint, there’s no need for a frame, and once each piece is fully secured and the template removed, the work becomes flexible, and is easily transported.

Parisville Hexies 2I’m still yet to attach these to anything.  The red and blue sets are made from Tula Pink’s Parisville collection, and the larger, lighter blue collection is from her Full Moon Forest set.  I know I’ll make some cushions with the Parisville hexies, and use the Full Moon Forest diamond as a table topper, but I’m still not decided on what to pair them with.  I’ll keep you updated.  Perhaps once I get around to chopping in to my Parisville fabric for my next quilt (which I’ll probably start later this week) I’ll have a better idea on that one.  As for the blue diamond, I’m inclined to like a dark brown backing, but it seems rather uninteresting to make a brown backed table runner.  Hopefully something will come to me soon and I can shift these from my pile of UFOs and turn them in to something useful.

Full Moon Forest Hexies

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