A Long Time Coming – The first of my goodies reach the mail

This probably sounds ridiculous, but the first quilt top I made over the winter of 2012/13 (finished March 3rd, 2013) is finally on its way to a quilter!  It really did take me forever to find someone to work with.  Mandy Leins, of Mandalei agreed to take me, and good luck to her, because there are definitely some issues with top, but hopefully it’s manageable.  I’m so excited to see how it turns out, but I’m assuming it’s not even reached her yet and it might take a few weeks for her to get around to it, and trying desperately not to become impatient.  Plus, if it works out well, I’ve found my quilter and can send my Kite Flight quilt off!

The design is the Chatterbox, from Boo Davis’ book Dare to be Square, which is fitting as it was the first quilting book I owned.  The top is pieced from the FQB of Kona Fields of Iris, and expanded to use as much of the set as possible.

Chatterbox Top 1

I also sent off the two completed Toy Box quilts, and the quilted cushion covers I finished up over the holidays.  So, there’s a little less clutter in the apartment, and four people have been gifted… just several more to go.


All of this getting things out of the house and to the people they’re intended for is making me feel rather good.  Perhaps I’ll finally get around to the rest of cushion tops that need backing and binding.

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

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