Kite Flight Quilt Top Completed

I’m really amazed at how quickly this top came together.  Although I did begin it last month I spent the greater part of my spare time working on my stars and finishing up some UFOs.  It was really only a few nights of work.  Perhaps this had something to do with me downsizing the pattern to make a throw quilt.  I absolutely recommend this pattern to anyone who’s looking for a striking, but easy to put together jelly roll quilt.

Kit Flight Top

Ultimately, I found matching the diagonals on this project less onerous than on the Lone Star quilts.  Perhaps because the blocks are smaller.  And I think my accuracy here was a lot better.  The points at which there are eight seams coming together are a little lumpy, but once it’s all quilted I think that shouldn’t prove too much of an issue.

I can’t wait to get this off to a free motion quilter, but I’m still in the process of deciding who to go with.  Ideally, I’d like to establish a relationship with one person who could do all of my personal quilts (gift quilts get pantographed, which is unfortunate, but I can’t afford the expense of FMQ on top of what it costs to make the quilt in the first place) but it’s been difficult.  The good quilters are, quite reasonably, very busy and have huge waiting lists, and I’m completely impatient.

Kite Flight Lay Out 1

I had a bit of fun playing around with various layouts, but the photo at the top was what I ended up with.  I had really wanted to make a design board, but by the time I got around to really needing one the snow was three feet deep in the yard, and Nick was unsurprisingly not too keen to help me out.  It has been suggested to me to tape a flannel sheet to the wall, but I can see that becoming a giant cat toy.

Kite Flight Lay Out 2I’m so looking forward to eventually having a dedicated quilting studio and being able to keep the pets out of it, but at this point it’s a bit of a dream.

Update 01/10/2014: I sent a pic of the completed top to Former Nanny and she told me, “that is amazing like a rainbow burst of happiness.”  That definitely ranks up there with the best things people have told me about my work.  So quotable, I think this quilt will heretofore be known as my Rainbow Burst of Happiness Kite Flight Quilt.

Update 07/02/2014: To see the finished quilt, click here.

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