Variations on a Theme

Work in progress, began December 2013


I enrolled myself in a Lone Star Quilt course at the Cambridge Quilt Shop, more out of curiosity than anything else – I’m not normally a traditional quilt person.  It’s been a great experience, with a wonderful group of ladies, and a stellar lesson in matching seams on the diagonal, which is a royal pain.

I started with the radiating star, and I wasn’t originally planning on making two, but after week two I ran into something of a problem with it.  Let’s just say that this problem involved one, or other, or both of the cats, a broken iron, water everywhere, and forty bias cut strips in a tangle on the floor.  I was sure it wouldn’t be salvageable, but I decided to put it together anyway and see how it turned it out.

My gut reaction, however, was to rush back to the store and buy more fabric for a second star, incase this one was well and truly ruined.  Well, it wasn’t.  There are a few issues with the seam matching, but these could have been caused by the instructor Amy’s insistence that I press the seams to one side (because this makes them stronger) when I’ve always been a press the seams open sort of girl (this helps the quilt lay flatter).  Or it could be because some of the strips were a little knocked out of shape after their little adventure.

The second star was a huge change of pace for me.  I’ve never quilted with batiks: I could never quite reconcile my memories of the heat in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia – where the majority of my experience with batik fabric comes from – with the idea of a quilt.  And trying to find a nice balance between the colors and the different prints was an interesting experience.

I decided to see what would happen if I rearranged the strips when I put them together.  Perhaps I should have done some research on this first, but I do quite like the way that this has turned out.

I was a little worried about my fabric choices though.  The whole thing seemed overly dark, but that’s easily brightened up with a lighter colored backing.

These are both gift quilts – assuming I’m ultimately pleased with the slightly off pink one – but I would eventually like to make one for myself.  I’ll finish these two up and then take a break from star making.  I’ve got too many projects lined up for the immediate future anyway.

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

Machine quilter and fabric enthusiast, currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Twitter @jollyanddelilah Instagram @jollyanddelilah

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