What a shame that the photos didn’t come out showing the colors properly, because now you have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’m going to have a go at it anyway.

I designed and pieced this quilt about nine months ago, it was quilted in October, and I finally got around to putting the binding on last week.  It all looked great, until I took it outside.  I live in an apartment that has such bad natural lighting that for most of the day it may as well be a cave, so the first time I saw it in natural light was when we took it out for pictures.

Frustration 2

I have no idea what happened, but at some point, some intense discoloration occurred on the white panels on the front of the quilt (there’s white on the back, which I didn’t photograph as it’s not particularly interesting to look at, but that was completely unaffected).  Strangely enough, not all of the panels were affected – some were still very white, and the others ranged through varying light coffee with milk shades.

Of course, now that I’ve noticed it, it’s obvious even under the varying shades of artificial light inside.  I’ve washed it twice with oxygenated stain remover, and there’s been little improvement.  I suppose that tomorrow it’s off to the supermarket to try some color safe bleach, and after that a long hard think about whether it’s worth a trip to the dry cleaners or whether it ends up as the couch quilt.  I did have rather another home in mind for this one, but I think it will all depend on how thing go tomorrow.

Frustration 1

The fabric is all from Kona Cotton Solids, pieced using Aurifil, batting is Dream Wool, and the quilting was by Heirloom Quilts by Elle.

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

Machine quilter and fabric enthusiast, currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Twitter @jollyanddelilah Instagram @jollyanddelilah

2 thoughts on “Frustration!”

  1. I love the blue, purple and magenta together. So sorry that the white fabric is acting up for you (although if it helps, I can’t tell in these photos). White fabric and I don’t get along so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s causing other people problems too.

    1. Thanks Laura! I’m pleased to know it’s not just me. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything to be done about it, but I’ll take it in to a dry cleaner tomorrow and have a look. I’m planning on staying away from white altogether in the future.

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