A Box of Cotton Happiness

I’m almost as excited about the arrival of new quilting cottons as I am about the arrival of materials.  Maybe more so, as I buy it so rarely.

Sew Modern Essentials

I just love this box – So Modern Essentials by Angela Yosten.  It’s so bright and happy!

I was getting all excited about getting to work on quilting up some UFOs, but as Nick was very kindly cutting my batting to size (I have a really odd relationship with batting, and hate touching most kinds of it), Merthin decided that the batting obviously looked liked fun, and ripped a big hole in it.  So, the cat ended up taking a punishment shower, and I drove down to Cambridge to pick up a new piece, but I now have no one to cut it for me and that idea will have to wait until tomorrow.  The original batting can be further chopped for a smaller quilt or cushion covers; I’m not too worried about it.

What to do tonight though?  I’ve just spent a good hour finishing up some binding I’ve been slowly putting together.  Perhaps it’s time for next project.  But we’ll see how I feel about that after a cup of coffee.

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

Machine quilter and fabric enthusiast, currently living in Las Vegas, NV. www.jollyanddelilahquilts.com www.facebook.com/jollyanddelilah Twitter @jollyanddelilah Instagram @jollyanddelilah

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