Radiant Star Quilt Top Finished

It’s certainly been a while in the making (and given the several other projects I’ve going on since I began this in November, and going back to my studies, I’m slightly surprised that this project has gotten to this point at all) but I’ve finally squared up and bordered my radiant star quilt top.  And, in an unusual development, it also has backing and binding.  I think this is the first quilt top I’ve had that hasn’t sat around for months before I got to thinking of finishing it.

Radiant Star Top 1Squaring up was a pain.  As expected, there were some issues with this quilt top – thank you very much cats – so Amy’s usual fuss free cutting technique was a no go.  After fiddling around with multiple rulers and measuring from the inner corners, we managed to wrangle this in to something approaching a square.  Alright, I’ll be honest: some of the issues are the result of setting the Y-seams, but for a first go I don’t think I did horrendously.

Radiant Star Top 3

I was originally a little hesitant about the blue backing, which was Nick’s suggestion, and I suppose helped make this slightly less girly and more couple friendly. Ultimately, I’ve decided I rather quite like it.  I have all sorts of thoughts about what colors might have suited a little better, but this works well enough.Radiant Star Top 2

Now, I need to decide whether to quilt this on my machine at home or send it out.  I haven’t had a stab at anything this size yet, and as this is already somewhat more imperfect than my usual creations, I’m thinking it might be a good place to start.  I was going to have a stab at it this afternoon, but as this comes in at 70″ x 70″ I had to trim down a piece of batting for a double sized quilt – or rather, Nick had to, as I have such an aversion to the way it tends to snag on my fingernails – and Merthin thought he’d have some fun by ripping a big hole in the middle of it.  I now have more batting, but also more hesitation.  And in any event, I have a new project to keep me busy in very limited free time.

Many thanks to Nick for the photography.

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