Slowly but surely – The Fashioning of Antoinette

I’m really trying to keep up with posting at least one or two things a week during the semester, but I imagine I’m eventually going to run out of time and new projects.  For the moment, I’ll go with a post on a work in progress.

I put one of these Parisville by Tula Pink needlepoint kits together for my parents, and decided that I’d make one for myself as well.  This time, I thought I’d keep a photographic record of my progress.  I took one picture for each day that I worked on it, although I did not note how much time of each day I gave to working on it.  I did give up on the photography once I started putting the background in.  I was really just because I forgot to do after the first day, so decided I’d just wait until I was finished with it rather than having a photograph missing from the sequence.  My apologies that the color in some of them is very off.

It took me twenty-four days of work between the beginning of November and middle of December to put together the center image, but I couldn’t tell you how many hours.  This girl doesn’t win so many points for being well travelled as Marie did, but so far she’s been worked on in two cities on two continents – and for several hours during a car ride between Kamphaeng Phet and Bangkok – so she’s got a few miles on her.

I’ve also decided to go off script for the background, which was one reason for convincing myself to feel better about forgetting to photograph my progress, as it’s now a surprise to those who were being occasionally annoyed by my progress photos on Facebook.  I didn’t want to end up with exactly the same thing as I’d made before, so it’s pretty simple – actually, much more straightforward than Tula’s pattern – but it’s looking really nice.

I expect to be finished with this in the next week or so.  It’s something of a coincidence that I ended up taking classes that involved legitimate film watching.  The sewing machine is something of a disturbance if I’m actually trying to pay attention to a film, but the needlepoint is perfect busywork.

Now, off to watch Chinatown – I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet! – and get back to filling in my background.

And here’s a picture of my first version with the original background.


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