A Tale of Two Sisters – Two Takes on Tula Pink’s Parisville Needlepoint

After three months I’ve finally finished my second Parisville by Tula Pink needlepoint.  I’m really pleased with the way that this turned out, especially considering that I winged it in the background department.  Unfortunately I can’t do a side by side comparison with my first version of this, as I left it in Bangkok with Goong, but looking at the pictures, I think I actually like this background more – but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one you like best.

Antoinette Close Up

The idea for the stripes came after reading Juliet Grey’s Marie Antoinette trilogy during my holiday.  The narration was constantly referencing Marie Antoinette’s striped dresses, so this felt like such a natural change for me after that.  I did consider a number of different options, but given the directionality of the stitches, this was the only way I could get straight lines with flat edges.

I’m feeling a little bad for Goong, as – background designs aside – this piece came out looking somewhat nicer than the first.  I’m putting this down to having a frame that fits the entire work surface inside, maintaining an even tension on the canvas, which made it easier to run the yarn through with a more consistent tension.  It’s far from being perfect, but it’s a lot smoother than the one I made the first time around.  It also meant that I could work more quickly, which gave me some added motivation.

Unfortunately, there’s really nowhere to display her in this apartment, so she’ll have to go in to a drawer until I move, at which time I’ll take a look at having her framed.

Now, I’m looking at various online stores trying to decide what long-term project to take up next.  I keep looking at Tula’s Nightshade needlepoint, but it’s my least favorite of the colors from that line, although I do love the design.  I’m contemplating ordering one and once it comes I can see how much yarn is needed and change the colors around.  I’ll keep you posted.

Antoinette and Marie side by side.

Thanks to Nick for the new pics of Antoinette.

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