Alternate Star Top (Finally) Completed!

My apologies for having been rather quiet on the blog as of late; and this will be a relatively short post.  Real life has been getting in the way of my creative pursuits far more than I’d like, and inclement weather forced me to wait several days to get a photo of my latest finished quilt top.  It finally stopped snowing and warmed up rather a lot, so I coaxed Nick out to take a quick snap, but of course it was windier than I’d expected, so it was rather a more frustrating shoot than I’d imagined.  Thanks for sticking with it Nick!

Alternate Star Top 1

After several months in the making, I have finally finished up my alternate star quilt top.  I’m almost really pleased with it.  I say “almost” because I’m still not convinced that I got the color choices right – which I suppose is not too uncommon when one chooses fabric under a store’s fluorescent lights, only to discover that the hue is a little different under regular lighting.  Not to matter, I still like it a lot, even if I don’t quite love it.  I think its intended recipient will love it though, which is the important bit.

This was also my first experiment with the double border.  The initial plan was to make the yellow inner frame two inches, but I had a last minute idea to cut it back to one, and I’m very happy with the effect.  I’ll have to fiddle around with multiple borders more often.

Alternate Star Top 2

So now, I have to come to a decision about how to quilt both this and my other star.  They’re both gift quilts, which for better or worse means they get the pantograph treatment.  It’s such a relief to get things sent off, and there’s such suspense waiting for them to return!  That said, my quilter now has my Kite Flight quilt pieces, so I’m excited to see what she does with them.  That one will be a double surprise as she suggested posting that back along with my Chatterbox quilt, which I imagine should be done, or at least close to by now.  I suppose I’ll have to wait a few more weeks and see how they both come out.  Back to deliberating as to the fate of my stars…

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