WIP: Abigail – The Beginning

I decided that I would go with the Tula Pink Nightshade needlepoint.


I’m still not crazy about the colors, so I ordered some extra yarn in the hopes of having it turn out to look something like her Evening Shade colorway.


It’s all a big gamble though as I have no idea how close the colors that come up on my screen are to the actual thing.  I’m in such suspense too, as I ordered everything two weeks ago and my package seems to be taking a little longer than normal to make its way here from the U.K.

Previously I haven’t posted anything about my needlepoint projects until they were either complete or almost complete, but I thought that I’d show this one as more of a work in progress, posting each time I finish one of the colors – there are only five, so it won’t be all that often.

As I’m now done with the black (for the most part at least: I might add a stitch or two as Come to putting the other colors in) and I’m waiting on my new yarn, I’m going to have to make a start on the white.  This is apparently some sort of needlepoint no-no, as the instructions always say to start with the darkest color and work through to the lighter hues.  Hopefully my colors come next week, but in the meantime I’ll putting the white in, while keeping away from those spaces in which it meets the actual colors.

I’ve decided to name this one Abigail.  Long story short: I convinced my English Literature professor to let me write my term paper on the Australian children’s book, Playing Beatie Bow, by Ruth Park.  I hadn’t read this book since I studied it in school, so I’d quite forgotten that the protagonist is Lynette at the opening of the narrative, and changes her name quite early on to Abigail, as she had a fervent desire to be named after a witch.  I thought it suited quite well.  This is my tiny nod to a sadly largely forgotten but very entertaining novel.

I still can’t work out exactly how I want her to look.  I’ve already unpicked and redesigned her face once.  I’m happier with it now, but I think I might end up fiddling with the nose a little more.  It’s a bit difficult as the pattern suggests that I do all sorts of things that are impossible given the directionality of the stitches.

Expect another update in a couple of weeks – assuming my yarn arrives soon.  I’ve ordered from these people before and the delivery was quite fast, but all sorts of unexpected things can happen with international shipping.  Otherwise I might just give up on that idea and go with the original colors.  I’ll keep you posted.

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8 thoughts on “WIP: Abigail – The Beginning”

    1. I’m pleased that you did. I actually didn’t gravitate towards that collection at all initially – aside from considering it for seasonal decoration. It was actually this Absinthe colorway that put me off, although I like the other two. I assume I have a few prints my Tula Pink mystery charm back packet that I haven’t looked through as I’m saving it for a summer project.
      And I just like this girl, but not any of the other faces on this print. Even then I went back and forth on this one as I didn’t particularly like the way the person who did the promotional needlepoint made her face look – hence why mine is quite different.
      Hmm – so many mixed feelings for a project that’s so time consuming.

      1. I get it… I was surprised I liked it so much! I can’t myself explain why I like it, I guess it was just SO different from anything I had seen. I kept seeing blocks with fussy cut centers everywhere! LOL!

        I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

      2. It’s certainly very different from her other lines. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t so drawn to it. It seemed kind of boring compared to The Birds and The Bees and Parisville, which I love and have yards and yards of and designated patterns for them and haven’t gotten around to sewing yet. But I’ll keep you updated on the needlepoint. I assume it will take a few months to finish.

    1. Thanks! I imagine I’ll be at it for a few months, although my yarns finally arrived today and I feel like I’ve powered through a lot of it. I had a thought that this line would work well with one of Boo Davis’ patterns. I couldn’t think of what else to do with it. I might do a quick Google image search on that one now. Thanks again!

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