Something Old, Something New

I’ve been saying for a few weeks that I’ve been itching to start a project for myself, and I’ve finally gotten around to it.  I’m really enjoying working with jellyrolls at the moment, but I’m completely over these straight edges.  At first I thought they’d be easier to work with, but so far I’ve just ended up with a lot of fraying, which is a real pain to trim back when I send things for quilting.  If anyone from Robert Kaufman Fabrics happens to come across this: please, please bring back the old, sheared, edges!  At least the quality of the fabric and the vibrancy of the fabric don’t seem to have changed.

Pastels Unrolled

I’ll actually be making a second version of Tula Pink’s Shoreline quilt, which will be almost exactly the same as my first.  I had a few issues with the original, as I don’t think the charm squares were quite 5×5.  When I cut them at 2.5 from one side, I got slightly less on the other.  Or maybe it was my second quilt top and I was just a little uncoordinated.  Either way, it came out slightly small for my bed, so I’ll have it quilted up, and it will be my first charity quilt.  I’ve been wanting to make one of those since I purchased my first packet of Quilter’s Dream batting, and this is much nicer than some of the original ideas I had back when I started thinking about this.

Shoreline Tula Pink Unfinished Top Kona PastelsMy friend Barb, who’s a long arm quilter in Brisbane, Australia, offered to donate her time, which was incredibly generous.  I’m not sure whether the international shipping fees would negate the economic benefit of accepting her offer: at least from my vantage point.  Perhaps the two of us can work on an Australian bound charity quilt together in the future.  I’d have no idea where to send it, but I’m sure Barb will have a list of dozens of great quilt donation initiatives in Oz.

Kona Roll Ups

This time I’ve purchased two jellyrolls, rather than a jellyroll and a charm pack, as specified by the pattern.  If I use all of the colors in the roll-up the width will end up at roughly 82 inches, and if I cut the inserts at 7.5, rather than using the charm square, the length should be 102.  It turns out to be almost a perfect queen.  The roll-ups are both Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Kaufman; the colors are the New Pastel Palette, and the background is Snow.

Hopefully I should be able to get this one together and on to my next project fairly quickly.

And I’m throwing this out of focus pic in because I find it amusingly mesmerizing.  Hypnotoad Roll-Ups

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11 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New”

    1. They don’t all seem to come like that. It’s a bit hit and miss. Hopefully they’ll go back to the old style soon. Unfortunately I have a stack that I ordered late last year from the same supplier and all the Kona ones in that order were straight. If you look on the Robert Kaufman website they’ve released a bunch of new colors that are photographed with the classic edge. Fingers crossed.

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