Simultaneously color me happy and sad, but mostly happy – New Box of Aurifil Cotton Mako

Aurifil Valori Wells 3

I actually don’t know where to start with this one, which is an unusual situation for me to be in. Suffice to say that I’m just ecstatic! Not only do I have this beautiful new collection of Aurifil 50wt by Valori Wells to play with – and aren’t the colors wonderful! – but I won it! I’ve entered hundreds of quilting giveaways and not won a single thing, and I’d almost given up when I noticed this one up on Auribuzz. I was so amazed that someone was going to give me something for free, let alone something useful, and valuable, but it did arrive in the mail, and I hadn’t invented the whole thing in my own mind!

Aurifil Valori Wells 1For those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I always piece with Aurifil thread, and use it for my home quilting. Now you get to either read or ignore my giant gush about why – don’t worry, I’ll try and keep this brief.

Firstly, I’ve tried a few other cotton threads – Gutterman and Metler primarily, and I find the Aurifil to produce a lot less lint than these other threads. This is a massive bonus for me, because I hate have to open my machine and clean it out. I also have fewer problems (or should I say almost non-existent problems) with breakage when I use the Aurifil as opposed to the other brands. Long arm quilting with it was a little bit of a different experience, but that’s another post that will be hopefully up on the blog later in the week.

Secondly, the range of colors available is just staggering. If I had the money, I’d buy all of them and just sit and stare at them. They’re truly beautiful, and the pigmentation is fantastic.

Thirdly, I love both the six and twelve boxes they sell. The colors in them are always complimentary, and it’s always possible to save a huge amount of money over buying the spools individually.

Finally, they are just an incredibly generous company. When I wanted a color chart to pick matches for my quilting, I simply emailed the company, and they shipped me one free of charge very quickly and courteously. Also, they run a huge number of giveaways, and even though it’s really unlikely that you’ll win anything because the number of entrants is so high, it’s lovely to know that someone out there is enjoying something beautiful that they otherwise may not have had access to – please don’t consider my noting that buying a box of twelve threads is a lot less expensive than buying them individual is in any way an indication that I find these boxes affordable; they are a significant investment for the majority of quilters.

So that’s my little gush about my thread crush, and a little bit of free advertising for Aurifil.

Aurifil Valori Wells 2Update:  I really needed something, anything, to be excited about after this weekend. I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on a king-sized Day Break by Jaybird quilt. I’d finally gotten my 1,350 original pieces down to 50 trimmed pieces, and was throwing myself an “I’m so clever” party (internally) because this was so much more complicated than anything else I’ve tried to make.

On Saturday morning, I noticed the door to my quilting studio/guest bedroom was ajar. This isn’t unusual, as none of the doors in our cave… sorry, apartment, latch properly.

Maybe stop reading at this point if you’re easily sickened.

It turned out that one of the cats had decided that my box of quilt blocks would make nice litter box, and was, um… violently ill in it. Oddly, both cats seemed completely fine when I went to find them, not at all lethargic (to the best of my knowledge; they do sleep eighteen hours a day, after all), ravenously hungry, as usual, and not showing any sign of a fever.

I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say that it was an absolutely disgusting mess in there. Many, many, many, thanks to Nick who rinsed off all the pieces, nearly making himself sick in the process. I immediately filled a tub with water and a copious amount of stain remover and popped my blocks in. I had such faith in this stain remover. It’s gotten rid of iron spit up, which I’ve been told by many people much more experienced than I, is almost impossible to remove, and blood, because I’m always nicking myself with the rotary cutter and not noticing until my cutting mat looks like a prop from a B horror film, after an overnight soak. So, two overnight soaks later, and I’m still not seeing a great improvement on this mess. So, it’s off to the pet store to try and find something that’s designed for these situations.

Then I think about it, and I have to say, that I just don’t imagine that I could ever bring myself to gift something to someone I lived after one of my pet had… well, you know what I’m getting at, on it. It just seems wrong. So, I’ll keep you updated on how the stain removal process goes. If it works out, I’ll just keep the quilt for myself, and if not, I’ll curl up in a ball and spend a night crying, because I’ve been working on this for almost two months.

I’ve realized now that making three complex quilts that I have to send out to be quilted and have ready for January isn’t a very achievable goal. So, I’ll just be making some simple quilts, and I’ll have another stab at the complex ones when I’m done with these.

Until next time, please wish me luck, and happy quilting!

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3 thoughts on “Simultaneously color me happy and sad, but mostly happy – New Box of Aurifil Cotton Mako”

  1. Ah, the trials and tribulations of artistic pet owners! That’s about par for the course, isn’t it, when you’re working on something so special that one of your cats upchucks on it? I’m so sorry to hear about that but it did make me giggle a little (sorry) but only because I imagine that all of us pet owners have been there at least once. Have you thought of trying white vinegar and water? Not sure how it works for kitty vomit but I’ve used it successfully for dog urine and vomit. I do feel for you. But hey, congrats on the big win!

    1. Thank you! The quilt is beyond repair now. Some of the pet store stuff caused the colors to run. So now I’m ploughing through a smaller version of the same quilt, and have a big plastic tub to keep all my work in.

      But you’re right. No matter whether it’s something we’ve worked hard to create, or something we’ve purchased and loved, we’ve all had our pets destroy things.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep a note of the vinegar.

    2. And thank you; it’s always nice to win something you’ll actually use. The last thing I won (c. 2011) was a singed poster from a TV show that only lasted one season. It’s great, because it has autographs from a few actors I really like, but seriously, what am I supposed to do with it? I only entered that as a joke anyway. Maybe I’ll get an inexpensive frame for it and put it up somewhere once we have our own place. Seems kind of douche-y though.

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