Introducing Abigail

Seven months, and seven days later, my Nightshade by Tula Pink needlepoint, Abigail is finally complete! To be really honest, I was a little worried about the brightness of the colors of yarn I’d chosen when they arrive – I knew full well that they’d look somewhat different than they had online, but these were quite a long way off what I’d expected, especially the teal. Now that I can look at the completed project from a distance, I really love them. It’s not quite Evening Shade, but it’s close enough.

I’d initially thought that this canvas was slightly larger than the one that came in the Parisville kit. I had no problem completing Antoinette on my seventeen-inch frame (the frame was a bit of an afterthought, so didn’t arrive until I was almost finished with Marie), but I had to order the three-inch extenders to complete this project. This made the frame slightly too large for the canvas to wrap around well, and it kept slipping out of the snap on grips. As you can see from the gallery, I did some experimenting with painters tape to get the canvas and frame to stay together. When I had the paint over the snaps, I needed to replace it each time I picked the project up, but once I taped the two pieces together underneath the snaps, it stayed perfectly in place.

tula pink night shade needlepoint

This project was a bit of a tough slog, and this is by far the longest I’ve ever spent on a needlepoint project. There’s just so much background! It’s much more fun to fill in all the pretty details than it is to do the backing. There were points where I’d go as long as a month without touching it (also because I was quilting so much and learning to knit – but more on that in another post) but now I’m so pleased with it.

I did the background a little different to the other projects as well. The last two, I put in all of the darker color before I put in the lighter, but I knew that because there was such a lot of background, and – this will sound strange, because it’s obvious in the photos what the backing looks like with only one color put in – I found it really difficult to conceptualize what was going on without putting in both colors as I went along.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the yarn I purchased is the same Anchor Tapisserie Wool that comes with the kit, and the colors are:

Teal: 8918

Purple: 8594

Light purple: 8588

I’m building up a good stash of left over yarn, but former Nanny offered to take it off my hands and see what she could do with it.  I’ll be posting it back home to Sydney with my next package, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Here’s the entire gallery of my progress:

The next project will be Tree of Life. I’m a little worried about making the repetition in this look good, but I love the colors, and The Birds and the Bees is my all time favorite Tula line.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

I also purchased the Bees Knees kit because everything at I Heart Tula Pink was 20% off, but I don’t like this colorway much, so I’ll spend time making a decision between Sunset and Lapis. Any suggestions?

Bees Knees
Bees Knees

I’m thinking Sunset, as the Lapis seems as though it’s going to end up too similar to the colors I used for Abigail, but I’ll see how I feel as I’m getting towards the end of my next project.  I also really want to do another (yes, another, if that’s believable) Parisville kit and work out a sort of Mist colorway, but I think that will be completely dependent on whether she’s released anything new once I get towards the end of the two kits I just ordered.


In other news, I posted a couple of gifts out last week.  I’ve decided to hold off on the posts about gifts (Christmas aside) until I know they’ve been received so as to not ruin any surprises. I’m expecting to have a new post for next week, and one for the week after, but it’s always a guess with the international mail.

Until next time,

Happy sewing!

*Photos of kits from; photos of fabrics from

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    1. Thanks Sam! There’s a reason why I chose patterns with very little background for my next two projects! But the best thing about all these projects – the quilts, the needlepoint, the embroidery, and the knitting – is that even if you just do a little bit every so often, it eventually comes together.

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