Kiss Kiss

Hello again! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything, because I feel like I’ve been sewing like a mad woman. I have a ton of stuff to share, but unfortunately you run in to a slight problem when your photographer works a 9 to 5, there’s nowhere in the apartment large enough to lay out a quilt for a photograph, and fall weekends have been either miserable, full of running errands, or both.

Good news though. We’re in the process of buying our first apartment! No more cave, a whole room for my quilting, and enough wall space to hang a king size quilt, so no more having to take my photographs outside unless it’s a really lovely day. The downside is that it limits my quilting time for the foreseeable future, which is a pain, because I’ve got so much I need to get finished.

I feel as though everything I’m currently working on is a part of series; here’s part one of my Tula Pink Parisville ‘Kiss, Kiss’ set. I’ve had these half-yard bundles sitting around for over a year, and couldn’t work out what to do with them. It’s hard to find patterns that make such good use of these beautiful cameos. What better than a pattern designed with this line in mind? Well, that, and the fact that it’s sometimes incredibly painful to cut in to gorgeous fabric. I’m sure all sewists have felt this more than a few times.

tula pink parisville kiss kissI’m making two wall hangings and a lap quilt for myself, and while I generally make a point of not selling things I’ve made, I had a very generous offer for a giant cushion from a friend, and as I have one cameo left over, I felt that I could oblige. Goodness, it’s nice to be offered a reasonable price for one’s work! I can’t tell you how many times someone has tried to convince me that because we’re friends or relations I should be working for them for two dollars an hour.

Sam Hunter’s put together a great collection of articles as part of her ‘We are Sew Worth It’ campaign. I highly recommend that you read them if you haven’t already. My quilter, Mandy, also writes on this same topic from time to time. Both women, and a lot of their colleagues, have wonderful things to say on this, and as professionals, can speak to this a lot better than I can.

This is such a great pattern, and I have to recommend it to anyone who has lovely fabric that’s just begging to be fussy cut. It comes together so quickly. I can’t wait to have the whole set finished.

Heads up though: nothing is getting quilted until late December at the earliest. I’m hoping I’ll have a mighty stack of things to get through by that time.

Happy quilting,


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