Rock Candy: Kona New Pastel Palette

Thanks Giving slowed everything down a little, but I’m back in my quilting cave (Mandy uses the term “quilting oubliette” to describe hers, and I think I might have to start adopting it, because it really does feel as though I’m so far removed from the rest of the world while I’m in there) and getting through the remainder of my Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy projects.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona New Pastel

I made these with the Kona New Pastel Palette. My regular readers will know how much I love this colorway – and on that note, my Shoreline is almost finished and ready to be shown off – so probably won’t be surprised that I decided I couldn’t part with these.

I put these together at the end of last week, then spent the weekend wondering how to turn these in to cushions. I’ve been involved in discussions about hexagonal pillow forms, and saw that ending with down all over my home, so I ruled that one out pretty quickly. Turning the hexagon in to a square turned out to be something of a challenge. I know there’s a way of doing this in which one adds triangles to four sides of the hexagon, and works out from there, but I just wasn’t able to do the math on that one. I ended up adding additional layers of two and a half inch strips, which was tedious, but ultimately I decided that I actually liked all those seams. Of course, I could quilt these so that the seams would be barely detectable, but I’d prefer to play them up and highlight the medallion nature of the original pattern. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I can organize some time on the long arm.

Rock Candy Jaybird Quilts Kona New Pastel

In the meantime, it’s on to my next round of table toppers, and with only four more left to go in this series I’m making, I’m glad that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but I think I’ll miss these. We definitely have a love/hate relationship going on at this point.

This pattern may make a reappearance, as I have a few print charm packs that may end up this way, but I need to get through all the gifts first.

Rather than a list of links to my other Rock Candy projects, I’ve decided from here on out to add a gallery to the bottom of each post.  Here’s what I’ve made so far:

Happy quilting! – Jane

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