Rock Candy: Kona New Bright

I thought I’d reached the end of my (current) Rock Candy road, and I simultaneously felt relieved and a little sad. Part of me just adores this pattern and wanted to keep making these, but another part of me wanted to make something that’s a little less fiddly now.  Unfortunately I just went through my gift list and realized I’m a little short, so I’ll have to have a think about whether I make more of these, or something else.  My apologies in advance, but I think you’re going to see a few more of these popping up over the next month or so.  Unfortunately, I’m working on a few things I can’t show you until February, simply because it’s obvious from the pattern and color choices who I’ll be giving them to, and I like my gifts to have some element of surprise.  I have no problem with the idea that a lot of my friends know they’re getting a table topper, because they don’t know which one I made them.

Rock Candy Jaybird Quilts New Brights KonaI decided to go in a bit of a different direction with these ones, because I’ve done the spiral so many times now. I did design board a spiral, and decided that these colors worked a little better in this layout.  I absolutely love the way these turned out, and yes, I do want to keep one for myself.

Kona New Bright
Kona New Bright

Does it sound very much like I’ve just been making gifts that I like, rather than taking in to account what my friends and family will love? There was some logic to using the Kona charm packs. I would have loved to do prints, but the prints I love, and the ones I think certain people will love, come in thirty piece packs, whereas the Kona charm packs come with at least forty pieces. Because there are thirty-two colored pieces in each top, and you can get two pieces out of one square, I couldn’t work out which prints to include and which to exclude. Also the Kaffe Fassett packs had doubles of fifteen prints, so there was the additional challenge of working out which three prints to repeat. That’s why I said yesterday that I didn’t particularly like them for this project, but I’m almost settled on what to do with them, so you’ll get a break from the Rock Candy tops for a little while.

Kona New Bright
Kona New Bright

Now, back to my Kiss Kiss series, which is actually only a few hours away from having all the tops completed, and then on to making backings, and then I’ll dip in to my stash and work out what to make next.

Until next time, happy quilting! – Jane

Here’s my Rock Candy gallery:

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