Some Thoughts on 2015

I hope all of you had great fun ringing in the New Year, and that you all stayed safe.

The holidays always manage to slow me down a little. Particularly when they run so close together. I’m still yet to get in to my sewing room this year, and we’re booked up solid until Saturday, so hopefully Sunday will allow me to get to work.

Fortunately for me, I haven’t seen too many blogs popping up with huge lists of Quilt-related New Years resolutions, so I don’t feel as though I have to write a huge amount on this topic. I only have three anyway, and I think they’re all pretty achievable:

  1. Post more regularly. I can’t believe there were two consecutive months in which I posted absolutely nothing last year! I certainly wasn’t idle for those months, but for some reason, nothing made it online. So, I’m aiming for at least one post a week, even if it’s just a work in progress update (I usually don’t do this until I end up with a finished top), or sharing a little from my stash.
  2. Do something creatively productive everyday. Even if it’s writing a short post, planning a project, looking for inspiration, doodling quilting designs, or making a list of possible quilts I can put together out of my stash.
  3. Try not to buy too much fabric. I know I’m going to have to buy some, as I have a lot fat quarter and half yard bundles, that need some solids in order to be made in to anything. And there are a few lines I’m really hanging out for, but I’ll have to think carefully about them. I’m no longer going to mindless buy fabric because it’s pretty. There has to be a plan for it. And I’m only going to buy it if I can get through a reasonable amount of my stash before they come up for sale.

So, that’s pretty much it. I feel as though I’ve challenged myself a lot this past year, and I’d like to keep up with that, but now that I know that I can take on projects that seem overly ambitious at the outset, I’m more likely to dive in. I don’t think I need to make a resolution for that one.

May 2015 bring you a lot of happy stitching.

If any of you have any thoughts on what you’d like to achieve in 2015, I’d love to hear them.

– Jane

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

Machine quilter and fabric enthusiast, currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Twitter @jollyanddelilah Instagram @jollyanddelilah

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