Rock Candy: Kona New Dark

The pair that just didn’t want to be made. It was one of those situations where nearly everything that could go wrong, did, and it all started with my rotary cutter.

I’ve been burning through blades at an alarming rate these last few months, which is hardly surprising considering how much cutting I’ve been doing. I decided it was best to change my blade, and I pulled a new one out the pack, and it was almost completely blunt. I was, I hope understandably, very upset about this, because those things are not cheap. Still, if I think about the number of them I’ve purchased, I suppose the occasional manufacturing error is to be expected. I tried my best to cut with it, I cleaned everything, and I re-oiled the blade. I got through the yardage and a few of the charm squares, before giving up on it. Cue the mad dash to Joann, which I usually do my best to avoid shopping at, but is the closest sewing supply store to me. Being that there was a sale on rotary cutting supplies, there was very little to choose from, but I managed to find one blade that fit one of my cutters (seems a little like it shouldn’t be that difficult when one owns three rotary cutters, made by two different brands).

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona New Dark A

The pieces I cut originally where an absolute mess, but I didn’t have the fabric to turf them, so I had to work with what I had. It might not have been that bad had my sewing machine not kept eating my pieces.

The usual culprit for this is fluff inside the bobbin area, so even though it wasn’t that dirty down there, I cleaned it out, oiled it, and set back to work. The machine continued to eat my pieces, that is, until I changed my needle. How could the previous needle have been blunt? I’d changed it only the previous week, and put about a quarter of a quilt top together with it. That was the charm though, and the piecing was pretty smooth sailing after that.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona New Dark

The next issue, however, was that the constant cutting of the tread completely messed with my organization. I usually chain piece each top in a certain order, that when I go to iron them out and move on the next stage, everything makes sense. Everything was such a jumble at this point though; it took me two hours to get everything rearranged. The only saving grace at this point was that because the piecing is directional, it was obvious to tell the pieces belonging to one top from the other. It still took a relatively large amount of setting the pieces up, walking away for a while, taking a second look, moving one or two around, and… well, the process repeats, obviously.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona New Dark B

It took me two days to make these, so I guess I’m down to my original average of one per day. Hopefully, now that I’ve sorted out my blade and my machine, I can get through the next set in one.

Until next time, happy sewing!

– Jane

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