Kiss Kiss: Queen of Diamonds – The final pre-quilting installment

I finally worked out how to take pictures of quilt tops in here! It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely preferable to battling the weather and worrying about getting my tops all mucky, because as I’ve learned, one is not supposed to wash an un-quilted top. I’ve had these tops sitting around for about three weeks, and I say tops, rather than top, because I changed all but one of them up a little.

Tula Pink Parisville Kiss Kiss

I got a little inspired by Tula’s recent release of a pack of playing cards, even though I missed out on a set because they sold in about five minutes flat. So, I have my Sky ladies facing one way, and my Mist ladies facing the other.

Unfortunately, the top still reads better with the Mist girls facing upwards, but essentially, there isn’t either a top or a bottom.

Tula Pink Parisville Kiss Kiss 1

I’d actually put it all together with different Mist cameos, but when I stepped back to look at it, it looked unbalanced, as the ship hair is so much larger than the other designs. By this point, I’d used all my cameos, and had to remove some from my mini-quilts and swap them out for the ladies on my larger top.

I thought about unpicking everything I needed to in order to get at the cameos I needed to replace, but for some reason decided it would be faster to just remove the cameos themselves. Getting them back in to the tops was really fiddly, but I’m really pleased that I managed to do it. I still don’t know whether it would have been faster to unpick everything and replace the pieces in the same order that I’d sewn them, but it only took me a couple of hours to swap all four of them out.

And here’s my finished collection of mini-quilts:

Tula Pink Parisville Kiss Kiss Mini 1 Tula Pink Parisville Kiss Kiss Mini 2 tula pink parisville kiss kiss

Nick just asked, “Why the Queen of Diamonds?”  Apparently hearts is the obvious choice when you’re going for a playing card reference.  I agree, it is the more obvious choice, but diamonds is a much more fitting suit in this case.  Those of you who are familiar with the history of Marie Antoinette will know the Affair of Diamond Necklace.  For those of you who haven’t heard of it, I’ll point you in the direction of Wikipedia, the undisputed, above reproach, font of all knowledge.  You can find the article here.  It’s actually not too bad, as far as my knowledge of this incident goes.  For those of you who prefer the summary, suffice to say that there was a ridiculously expensive and ornate diamond necklace, a con-woman agreed to buy it, claiming she had the authority of Marie Antoinette.  Of course, the whole story was made up, and the queen denied any involvement in the purchase of the necklace.  The case was taken to court, and despite some obvious errors in the documents relating to the purchase, it was decided that Marie Antoinette had indeed sought to buy the necklace secretly, so as to hide her extravagance from the French at a time when there was greater than usual hardship amongst the populace.  At a time when the French people were becoming increasingly disillusioned by the idea of the monarchy, this did irreparable damage the queen’s reputation.  And I think we all know how that story ends… But I digress.

You can see what the wall quilts looked like originally here and here.

Now to spend a few months thinking about how to quilt these…

Until next time, happy stitching!

– Jane

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

Machine quilter and fabric enthusiast, currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Twitter @jollyanddelilah Instagram @jollyanddelilah

5 thoughts on “Kiss Kiss: Queen of Diamonds – The final pre-quilting installment”

    1. Thanks Sam! It’s such a gorgeous line, isn’t it? I’m really hoping we can convince Free Spirit to do reprints. I have 1000 people on Facebook who want to start a petition, but it seems like such a long shot.

    1. I’m pleased that Tula made three. I’ve been going through the pictures on Angela’s site to get ideas. Still thinking though. I decided I didn’t love the border, so I’m considering what to do with that as well.

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