Rock Candy: Kona Sunset

Thus continues my Rock Candy journey.

These were another multi-day creation. I’m hoping I haven’t completely lost my quilting mojo, and I’ll put it down to a mild, but persistent bug that I’ve had for the last week, which has left me completely drained.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona Sunset 2

I’m thrilled by how these turned out though, or maybe it’s just because I adore this colorway. It’s such a nice mix of analogous and (almost) complimentary colors. I still love my rainbows, but it is nice to venture elsewhere, if only for a moment.

If it’s possible, I managed to find a new and even fussier way of putting these together, and there was little more unpicking and resetting than usual, but I believe these are nicer than my others, in a technical sort of way (the seams line up better, and they sit a little flatter), but I’m undecided as to whether the extra effort is really worth it. After all, once I get around to quilting all these, the slightly off seams in the first few won’t be particularly noticeable. I love how forgiving quilting can be.

I also discovered that my quarter inch foot is no longer a quarter inch foot at all.  With the needle in the center of the plate, it’s more a three-eighths foot, and even with the needle as far to the right as I can get it with the foot there, I still wasn’t getting the correct sized seam.  I mentioned it in an earlier post, but Mandy’s grid paper tutorial is such a quick method of working out how accurate your patchwork foot it.  So, I’ll be dropping the machine in to the shop while I’m away (still another month to go) and working using the quarter inch mark on the base plate.Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona Sunset 1

Now, only six more to go.  I’ll be repeating coloways from here on out, so hopefully it doesn’t bore everyone to death.  Then I’ll have to worry about making backs and quilting everything… well, I might allow myself to keep a small number of these, and therefore not have to worry about quilting them until later, and I can just focus on seeing how many gifts I can get finished over the next month.

I’m hoping that it will be possible to use the longarm, but Laurena is in the middle of expanding the studio at the moment, so I don’t know whether or not she’ll be able to take any renters between now and the second week of February, when she’s holding an open house. I still dislike quilting on my home machine, but it’s a possibility I’m going to have to consider.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona Sunset

Until next time, happy stitching!

– Jane

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

Machine quilter and fabric enthusiast, currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Twitter @jollyanddelilah Instagram @jollyanddelilah

2 thoughts on “Rock Candy: Kona Sunset”

    1. Thanks Sam! They’re fiddly, but actually really rewarding because of how quickly they can be put together. If they took ages to make, I’m sure I would have focussed my energies on something else by now. x

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