Sunday Stash #2: Elizabeth

I’m linking up with Molly Sparkles for Sunday Stash again today.

This week, I have a small collection from Tula Pink‘s Elizabeth line.  No doubt I’ll collect a little more in the future, but this what I could reasonably foresee myself using in the near future.

Fortunately, my friend Traci pointed out how well the colors in Elizabeth go with those in Parisville, so I picked out the Chainmail because I thought my Kiss Kiss needed a bit of an update.  So much for the “final pre-quilting update.”  I’ve just been dissatisfied with the border, and thought changing the fabric up might make it a little more interesting.

Tula Pink ElizabethThe Bats in the Belfry is because I’m hoping at some point in the next few months (although I think I need to do a little learning first) I’m going to do something almost unprecedented and attempt to make some garments.  It’s won’t be anything too fussy, but considering I haven’t made any more complicated than elastic-waisted pajama pants since 2010, I see it being an interesting and frustrating journey.

Until next time, happy sewing!

– Jane

P.S: Yay for me!  I finally worked out how to add Molli’s button to my post.  I should probably be less excited about that…


Molli Sparkles


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #2: Elizabeth”

    1. Hi Vera. I completely understand what you mean. This year I put myself of a strict “by only the fabric you have an immediate use for” diet. It’s working out well so far. I do need to constantly remind myself that I can’t use every piece of fabric that I love. You seem to have it a bit more together than I do.

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