WIP Wednesday #2: Marquise II

It’s unsurprisingly been a hectic and disordered week here. I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I’d hoped, but obviously there are some things that have to be prioritized over quilting.

Tula Pink Marquise V

I always feel as though I need a certain amount of time to make getting the machine up and running worthwhile, but paper piecing is something that can easily be done a little at a time. I managed to get through a nice chunk of my Marquise quilt this week.

Tula Pink Marquise VI

As I determined that swapping the fabrics within the blocks was a little complicated, I decided to make the blocks a little out of order, as I was getting a little tired of working with the same fabrics, so things will be popping up in a bit of a random order from here on out. I was really fun to dip in to some of the colors I’m a little more drawn to.

Tula Pink Marquise IV

There’s a downside to the way I’m making this. The kit provides enough papers to make the quilt row by row, but that’s it. As I wanted to make all the blocks then put them on my design wall (or the floor, because they’re undoubtedly too heavy to stick to the flannel) and play around the layout a little, I’m very close to running out of papers. Fortunately I found a website where I could order some more – is that horribly wasteful of me? I just can’t devote the time to hand cutting card from a template, and I haven’t seen a punch for the honeycomb hexie yet – so I’m waiting for those at the moment.

Tula Pink Marquise III

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve worked out that it takes me around four hours to complete each full block. I made the Indigo block in one go, and honestly, it’s not something I’d ever do again. By the end of it I could barely see, but I was so determined to get it done. I’m incredibly happy that I purchased the matching thread, although I was skeptical about the need for so many at first. Having really closely matching thread really makes such a difference. I’m very happy to admit that my stitches are less than even, but I absolutely don’t think it’s going to be a problem once I have this quilted. The one thing I’ve learned so far regarding the thread is to match the darker colored fabric. Light thread seems to show much more obviously against a dark background than darker thread does against a light one.

Tula Pink Marquise Collection II

That’s it for this week’s WIP Wednesday update. Hopefully I’ll have something from the machine to show you next week.

Until next time, happy sewing!

– Jane

Here’s what I have so far:

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

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12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #2: Marquise II”

  1. I am very impressed by all of your work! Love the moonshine quilt. I totally would order the papers instead of cutting them yourself! Especially if each block takes 4 hours! I look forward to seeing your progress!

    1. Thank you! I’m sure it will be a very ongoing project. I love what you’re doing with Wiley Way. I’m interested to see how you’ll quilt it.

    1. Hi Dee! Sorry for the slow reply. For some reason your comment ended up in my spam box.

      You can thank FreeSpirit for the cutting. All the pieces in this kit are, very mercifully, precut. I don’t think I’d have the patience to do it myself.

  2. Nice progress! I am still working on block number two. I am going back and forth between this and a scrappy block of hexies that I want to turn into a tote bag. I haven’t turned my sewing machine on in almost a week. Feels weird.

    Just sharing what I have found so far… but this is my first EPP project, so you gotta take what I say in that light!

    After each piece is stitched on all sides, I remove the paper. The first block is currently stuck to my design wall, but it is batting… so can’t speak for your flannel. It might work out for you though!

    I used a spool of gray #50wt that I just happened to have around on my first block, but with a ladder stitch I couldn’t see the thread at all. Yesterday I got the chance to pick up some Superior Threads Bottom Line #60wt thread and it just disappears into the fabric wonderfully. The shop didn’t have a huge selection so I just got a gray (color 622) and a cream color. It seems I have to make my stitches a little closer together with the lighter weight thread, but it went well on what I stitched last night.

    Are you a member of the EPP Facebook group? PaperPieces.com has a discount code for members. I would go nuts cutting out all those papers and trying to make them identical. For now I still have plenty of unused honeycombs from the kit, and am so far going in order… I may have to order some more though, as I kind of want to make all the blocks first too. I don’t think it is wasteful at all when you think of all the time it saves.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m always interested in other peoples progress on their projects. If you share them anywhere please let me know.

      I thought about doing a ladder stitch, but for some reason all of the tutorials I looked at (and I watched and a read a lot of them) recommended a whip stitch. I’ve been following Julie Herman’s progress on this and I’m quite sure she uses a ladder stitch, but unfortunately she doesn’t discuss what she’s doing much, she just posts photos. I don’t know whether I should try a block in ladder stitch or go for consistency. I don’t think it will matter much once it’s quilted.

      The thing I’ve learned with this project, is that I don’t need anywhere near the number of stitches I put in to my earlier projects. Tula recommends 6 – 10 per inch, and I’m averaging about 7. It’s coming together a lot faster than I’d expected that way.

      A lot of my friends use bottom line in their projects. We’re in a Facebook group currently called Sexie-Hexie Tula Magic (although the admins apparently keep receiving strange requests to join from people who obviously don’t sew and are occasionally naked in their profile pics, so there’s a bit of a debate about the name) you should think about joining. It’s a really friendly and supportive group.

      And I’m pleased it’s not just me who doesn’t want to cut the papers. I have friends who do, but it’s too much of a time investment for me. The problem I have with making the blocks and then design walking them is that even once I’ve taken the papers from the hexies that are completely attached, I end up with sixteen papers left on the outside of every full block, and fifteen on the half block, because only one can be removed. I don’t know whether I lost a ton of the originals somewhere, or maybe they’re somewhere strange in my sewing room, but I currently have 111 papers that have to stay in the blocks until I put everything together. Ultimately I’ll end up with 444 papers still in the blocks, then need some for backing. I never really sat down and did the math on it until now. And I’m sure I can donate them afterwards to someone in my Facebook group.

      Thanks again,

  3. These are really neat! I had about 100 hexie papers and just started making them for fun…no purpose really. I ran out of papers and decided to get more too. When I’m done I’ll reuse or recycle them, I guess.

    1. I sewed a lot of hexies together for no reason other than fun. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with them, but I’ll work it out eventually. Let me know when you decide what you’re doing with yours.

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