Sunday Stash #4: The HMQS Edition

I had so much fun at HMQS. Who knew that attending a quilt show would be so exhausting? So much for my prediction that I’d have a lot of downtime to play with my paper piecing; I didn’t even manage to get around to seeing all of the exhibition quilts. I know that a lot of show quilts make multiple appearances in different exhibitions around the area, and some of them, even the country, so hopefully I’ll catch up with a lot of them sooner or later.

Having lived on the East Coast for several years, I’m a little clueless as to what goes on in this area in the way of quilt shows, and I’m fortunate to have met so many lovely people here who keep me informed of what’s going on. I was so pleasantly surprised by the impressive array of classes on offer, and the wonderful teachers who attended.

I took a lot of classes with a number of very talented teachers, and consequently left the show in a flurry of confusion. There are so many different styles of quilting, how does anyone ever work out which direction they want to take their own work in? While I really enjoyed the classes I took with Linda Taylor and Lisa Calle, both Angela Walters and Dusty Farrell have approaches to quilting that clicked a little bit more with me. They both seemed very relaxed about their work, andI think that’s how I’ll have to approach my own quilting. I always work on the basis that while anything made by hand can be beautiful, and technically excellent, it will never be perfect, and although there’s a constant temptation to compare oneself or one’s work to that of professionals, realizing that perfection is an unattainable dream is always the first step towards me getting out of bed.

It’s all baby steps at the moment, and I’m very far away from the twenty to thirty quilts I need to finish before I become quite proficient – at least this is the number of projects Gerogia Stull recommends engaging in during the skill-building phase. Now it’s a matter of souring those projects, and getting to work on that ridiculous large number of quilt tops I have lying around.

I’m still not sure where this journey is going to take me, but I’m excited to be taking the next steps. I have to thank Lisa for some wonderful advice on the fake it until you make it front. I was worried about developing my own style (because is it really worth while spending all that time developing this skill if I’m just going to end up with something I could have had someone else to quilt for me?) and was told that most quilter’s develop theirs organically after spending time imitating the work of others. Although I think I’m putting the cart before the horse again, and I should really just focus on being able to translate some of the designs I’ve been drawing in to thread.

I was lucky enough to go home with one of Angela’s class samples, so I always have that (and the quilts Mandy has worked on for me) to look to for some inspiration.  It’s so much better seeing this work in person than it is reading books or flipping through my Instagram feed.

Angela Walters HMQS Sample Angela Walters HMQS Sample 1

Of course, when I wasn’t in classes, I wondered around talking with vendors and doing a little shopping. I think I was quite restrained, really.

Free Spirit HMQS

Of course, I couldn’t resist picking put a little of my FreeSpirit favorites.  I found a fat quarter bundle of Folk Song by Anna Maria Horner, and jelly rolls of Violette by Amy Butler, and Heather Bailey‘s True Colors.

Quilting Treasures Ombre Dots Quilting Treasures HMQS

I’m loving the basics from Quilting Treasures at the moment, so picked up some Ombre Dots and a little of the Lola Textures.

Santoro Of London Quilting Treasures Fabric

Quilting treasures does a lot of licensed fabric, and I found this gorgeous Santoro of London Mirabelle quilt kit.

Angela Walters Athena

Finally, I picked up a little yardage from Angela’s Athena collection.  For some reason, Angela’s fabric never really struck me until I saw it in person.  It really is lovely (and are all Art Gallery fabrics this soft?) and looks so much nicer in person that it does on my computer.

It was unfortunate that I didn’t have time to see all of the quilts, but I did find the time to seek out the contributions of a couple of my friends.

By Christa Watson:

Modern Logs: 2nd place, Modern
Modern Logs: 2nd place, Modern
Colorful Chevrons
Colorful Chevrons
Optical Illusion
Optical Illusion

By Vicki Ruebel:

Me and My Shadow
Me and My Shadow
Big Star: Teacher's Choice, Modern.
Big Star: Teacher’s Choice, Modern.

Congratulations to both ladies on their beautiful work, and their ribbons.

Until next time, happy quilting!

– Jane

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