Gravity – Celestial

I was trying to wait until the blog was updated and returned to it’s regular address to post as posting now creates some issues with permalinks and backlinks, but there’s just been far too much going on, and I really would rather not leave myself a huge backlog when the blog gets up and running. Hopefully I’ll be able to easily sort the link problem out once I have my regular domain back.

I’ve been making progress on my Gravity Quilt quilt. It’s such a fun project! I’ve never made a quilt with so many different blocks before, and I’m really enjoying the variety.Celestial Gravity Jaybird Quilts

The Celestial Blocks blocks are really just an extended version of the block from Day Break, so I’ve had a lot of practice putting these together.

I did forget my own advice here, and got a little ahead of myself with the cutting. Fortunately I had some suitable fabrics in my stash, so hopefully no one but me will know which colors Julie didn’t choose. Not that it matters at all.

.Jaybird Quilts Celestial Gravity

Oh, and the Day Break quilt is almost done. Getting those inner curves on the binding was a bit of a pain, but it’s all attached now. I just have to do the hand-finish on the back then it will be all ready to go out.

My Gravity progress so far:

Until next time, happy stitching!

– Jane

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Jane Victoria / Jolly and Delilah

Machine quilter and fabric enthusiast, currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Twitter @jollyanddelilah Instagram @jollyanddelilah

8 thoughts on “Gravity – Celestial”

    1. Hi Myra. I thought I’d missed all the QALs as I didn’t start this until April. I’ll definitely check out your group. I was also partially avoiding it because this is one of those projects that gets done whenever I have the time, and I didn’t really want a schedule for it, but I’ll definitely go and see if it clicks. Thank you for the recommendation.

  1. Oh! These blocks are all kinds of WOW! I would love to make a Gravity quilt one day… Add it to the mile-long list… You precision piecing is really really admirable (I know I sure am admiring all those perfect points!)

    1. Thank you Sandra! It’s been such a fun adventure. Make enough of Julie’s patterns and you get used to all the points. I’d like to pop a tutorial up when I get everything up and running properly. I have a kind of strange way of doing them, but it works, and that’s what matters, right? It’s such a non-issue on this quilt. One of the ladies at my LQS has finished one, and honestly, there’s so much going on that you wouldn’t even notice a point or two being out of place.

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