First Dive in to the World of Wool Applique – via Sew Mama Sew and Alison Glass

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not sure whether this is a work-in-progress, or not. Or rightly, I’m not sure whether it’s my work-in-progress.

I had such fun making this fun kit from Alison Glass – and there’s a great article about it on the Sew Mama Sew blog. It was my first foray in to wool applique, and I think I’m hooked.  Oh, you’ll probably find this book very helpful if you want to make this kit – or just like fabric based eye candy.

Alison Glass Applique Book

I think I’m in love with Weeks Dye Works.  I’ve been looking at wool for a while now – actually, ever since Mandy started posting pictures of what she’s been doing with it – and haven’t much cared for the colors that were available from other manufacturers in my local stores.

The wool was much easier to cut than I’d expected. I used my regular fabric scissors (which come out of the drawer very seldom now that I quilt) and was worried that I’d end up with some really jagged edges, but I didn’t have any issues with the cutting.

I used my Sew Line for basting, and unfortunately discovered that it’s not very good for basting wool, so I let the fabric take a life of its own and do what it wanted to. I didn’t end up with nearly such a finely finished looking product as Alison did, but I love the natural form to it. Next time, I’ll go with the all purpose school glue recommended on the blog, and see if that holds things in place a little better.

Alison Glass Sew Mama Sew Wool Applique

See how regular the petals looked when it was basted but not sewn

Just and FYI for anyone who’s interested in this kit: it comes with a very limited amount of thread. There’s enough for each piece if you sew at anywhere between one eight and one quarter inch, but I did have to unpick a couple of pieces because I ran out of thread. It also came with more pieces and colors of thread than there was wool, and I loved that it was up to me to choose what color yarn went best with which piece.

Sew Mama Sew Alison Glass Wool Applique

Obviously, this is a work-in-progress, in that it’s unfinished, but as I said, I’m not sure whether I should finish it or not. I have a friend who’s just suffered a heartbreaking loss, and because looking at this makes me happy, I thought it might make her at least a little bit happy. Quite aside from the shipping considerations, which are always a problem when most of your friends and family live on different continents, I wondered if maybe I should send this as is, and let her decide what to do with it. She’s wonderful with all sorts of craft things, and will better know what she needs. I think this little panel would work well on the wall – I was going to staple it over some canvas and hang it – or maybe as the front of a bag, or a cushion, or a table topper. So maybe I let her decide. What do you think? Should I send it as it, or finish it up in one way or another and hope that she likes it? I’d really appreciate some input.

Many thanks to you all, and happy stitching!

– Jane

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4 thoughts on “First Dive in to the World of Wool Applique – via Sew Mama Sew and Alison Glass”

  1. I love the colors! They really are happy colors. And now I have just looked at Alison Glass’ shop and… wow. All colorful the fabric!! I want it all! I just want to wrap myself up in all the lovely color. Okay, this is getting weird. But seriously, I must make a quilt with this stuff.

    If you think your friend would like it, I suggest making it into the pillow case and ship it across to her. Just shipping the pillow case should be inexpensive, and since she is crafty it won’t be hard at all for her to fluff it up.

    I have dabbled with wool appliqué, but have only worked with a couple kits from Primitive Gatherings. They had suggested Steam A Seam II for fusing the appliqué pieces, so I had never thought of using glue. Now I am feeling like I should really get back to the wool table topper I was working on a while back… the colors aren’t nearly as cheerful though. Ugh, I want to make all the things! Why is there never enough time?

    1. The colors are so wonderful, aren’t they? And yes, every quilter needs ALL the Alison Glass fabric. I’ve actually enjoyed her fabric for a while, and I’m pleased that she’s becoming popular. She deserves it.
      Unfortunately I can’t send send a pillow or cushion case, as much as I’d like to. Apparently men don’t like pillows (or so the friend I want to send this to said of her husband) so I’ll have to think of something else for this one.
      Thanks again Robyn.

  2. It is beautiful! I hope it does make it to your friend, it would brighten their day! I kinda lean towards finishing it before you send it!! Alison Glass is my newest fabric haul and right now I just love to stare and drool over the stack!

    1. Thanks Jayne! Any ideas on how to finish it though? I might just make a placemat/table topper with it.

      I drooled over your stash a little too. I did try and leave a comment, but unfortunately my computer sometimes doesn’t let things like that work out for me.

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