Sunday Stash #5 – La Scala

It turns out it’s been a month since I participated in Molly Sparkles‘ Sunday Stash!  How is that possible?

Well, I’ve decided that it’s probably not very worth while posting pictures of fabric that I’m not going to get around to using for months.  I’ve got so many small projects on the go at the moment, so not much to show in the way of new fabric.

I’m setting up for a big project with those though.  I did originally buy a few yards of the medallion fabric in the hopes of making a skirt, but I do have to make gift quilt, the colors are just perfect, so I may have to sacrifice a bit of this.

Robert Kaufman La Scala 6

I feel in love with La Scala when I found a few bolts at Quiltique a few months ago.  It’s quite a departure from my usual taste in quilting fabric in a lot of ways, but probably not such a shock to anyone who knows me well.  The colors are so beautiful, and the designs are so intricate.  Unfortunately, it’s a line I’ve found difficult to track down, but I did manage to pick up a fat quarter bundle (or two) in the recent Craftsy sale, so fortunately I’ll end up being able to make something for myself from this line too.

I’m actually a little anxious about what I’ve set out to do with this.  I haven’t really played with foundation piecing before, but I wanted to make a personalized quilt, so I’ll be digging in to Sam Hunter‘s Quilt Talk and hoping that I pick it up quickly.  I’m told not worry about it, there’s bound to be a learning curve of some sort.  I know I’ll lose the pattern when I cut the fabric up small enough to make the letters, but I’m hoping the colors will carry it.  Robert Kaufman La Scala 6 1

I’m still not entirely sure what to use as a background.  I’d love to frame the text with a medallion on either side, but unfortunately I haven’t yet found an exact match in the Kona selection (although I suspect that gluing fabric to board is not the most accurate way of displaying color.  Do I go for something close enough, or something contrasting?  I’m sure I’ll work it out sometime between midnight and four tomorrow morning.  Please, throw some input at me if you’re so inclined

Time to be off now though.  I’ve decided it’s finally time to get around to some binding.

Until next time, happy quilting!

– Jane

Molli Sparkles

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