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new3I am a largely self-taught quilter living in Las Vegas NV, which means I’ve spent a lot of time making projects that didn’t work out, read a lot of books and patterns, perused the internet well into the early hours of the morning on too many occasions to count, and attended a handful of classes.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, where the summers are blisteringly hot, and the winters mild and tolerable.  My nanny Sue taught me to cross-stitch, embroider, and do needlepoint – along with various other crafts – when I was a small child, and Mum taught me how to use her sewing machine when I was ten or eleven.

Always wanting to explore, I moved to Melbourne for a few years while I was an undergraduate: a place where the summers are blisteringly hot, and the winters not so mild and tolerable.

I put in a brief stint in Thailand, where my father, David, moved in 2005, and still lives with his wife, Nichapa.  I love it there, and try to visit when I can.  I also lived in England for a few months, officially as a study abroad student, but mostly in order to get to better know my family there.

I ended up landing in Boston, MA, in 2010, for the same reason most foreign people seem to end up there: college.  I completed my MLA in 2012, and never left.  Quilting has had a lot to do with this.  The community here in the U.S. is so vibrant, and staggeringly large; there’s greater access to materials here, and while quilting is by no means an inexpensive hobby, if you’d ever looked at the price of fabric in Australia, you’d understand why I feel that I can apply the term “reasonably priced” to most of what goes on in the American quilting market.

Sydney: February 2015.
Sydney: February 2015.

After years of fiddling around with various arts and crafts, I finally discovered a love quilting towards the end of 2012, when my then boyfriend, Nick, gave me a basic sewing machine, along with a copy of Boo Davis’ Dare to be Square.  Honestly, before then, I had no real idea of what a quilt was.  I suppose I would have equated it with patchwork, but I thought the term to be somewhat, if not completely, interchangeable with such terms as “comforter,” “doona,” and “duvet.”

Despite my rocky introduction to this art, some quick research on contemporary quilts was enough to demonstrate to me a

wonderful world of life and color that I wanted to be part of.  Within months, every inch of unoccupied storage space was crammed with fabric, my spare time was increasingly spent cutting, pinning, and sewing, and an ever expanding library of quilting books and patterns was competing for space on the bookcase with my academic books and novels.

Boston: October 2014
Boston: October 2014

I began longarm quilting in 2013, simply because I was curious.  It was such a learning experience!  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this side of the quilting process too, and I’m thrilled to be able to help other people bring their quilts to life.

I moved to Las Vegas, NV, in early 2015, and am very much looking forward to enjoying blisteringly hot summers and mild winters again, although on a completely different scale to what i’m used to.

The quilting community here is amazing!  I feel so fortunate to have been so warmly welcomed, so quickly.  Within days of arriving I decided to join the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild, and have been enjoying getting to know some lovely ladies – and now one man – who are just as passionate about quilting as I am.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  Please feel free to contact me.  I love to talk shop, exchange ideas, and learn new things. I’ll try my best to be prompt in my response.

Many thanks to my friend Ida for helping me condense this in to something readable, rather than the full length memoir I originally started out with.

All the best,


9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I have a few friends who make quilts and I know how much work and love go into each of them. All the best to you and may each quilt you make be the quilt of your dreams!

  2. Hi Jane! Great name btw. It’s my middle name, after my nana Janie, who was a fabulous seamstress and knitter extraordinaire. Anyhow, I can’t find an email to reply to you (you, being Word Press, come in as no-reply, so annoying) so I wanted to say first of all, love the description of your fur kids! I can totally relate. Also the how you ended up in Boston story is great, though the winters, especially these last 2, must make you bonkers. Hope you get away and go home or to England or to Thailand for parts of those nasty months! We go to Florida. Anyhow, Jenny left??!! I knew I was behind, but I’m behinder than you LOL! It is such a well-done show. As for GoT, nope can’t do it, although my eldest daughter is totally into it. Too violent for this wuss. I love fantasy though. They should make a wuss version of it for people like me! Let me know you email and I will not have to do this publicly next time! 🙂

    1. Hi again Sandra! I only learned about the no reply issue after I’d done my blog reading for yesterday. Some of the ladies are replying through Facebook. Seems easiest. I’m not good with email. My spam filter is overly aggressive.

      I’ve actually been meaning to update this, but if you’ve been following my blog saga recently… Well, I’m hoping to get my domain back soon, but I don’t want to post much of anything until I do, because I end up with all sorts of issues with backlinks and permalinks. We moved to alas Vegas earlier this year. I just couldn’t stand the cold. Traveling during winter was also difficult, because Bangkok and Sydney, and London, are all far away enough that if want to spend three or four weeks there if I’m making the journey, but the academic schedule never allowed for that. We did land back in Sydney in February, which was lovely, but we were already in Nevada at that point, so it didn’t do a ton for us weather wise.

      Yes! jenny left. The show was based on her memoir, so naturally it came to a point where the book ended. I was sure they weren’t going to do another season, but I’m so pleased that they did! I’m just waiting for it to come up on Netflix. I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you.

      I’m kind of surprised that I like GoT so much myself. It’s endlessly frustrating and goes for the cheap shot so often. There are a few characters who redeem it for me though.

      The fur kids are still a handful, but I have dedicated studio space here, and it’s wonderful not to have cat fur on everything!

      I’ll see if I can reach you on Facebook. Thank you very much for tracking me down. It was very kind of you.

      – Jane

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