Rock Candy: Kona New Classic II

I don’t want to spend the whole day being a downer and dealing with serious things, so I’m taking five minutes out to share some colorful pictures, because they’re making me feel better right now.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona New Classics Navy

These are the second set of Rock Candy tops I made before we moved.  Somehow I managed to take a deep breath and go in to this pair with a level head, and I really love how they turned out.  Honestly though, I think it would be impossible make something with this colorway and not have it turn out wonderful.  I still love the quilt that this last year, and I can’t help but want to make hundreds more quilts with these colors.

I also want to make hundreds more of these.  They’re by far my favorite thing to with charm packs at the moment.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona New Classics Purple

I think I’m becoming somewhat Gollum-esque with these though.  Honestly, how many table toppers does one girl need?  And maybe there are some friends and family members I don’t love quite as well as I thought I did…  It’s going to be tough to part with them – assuming I can quilt them well.

I’m less worried about missing out on all those classes now.  I know so many talented machine quilters out here, and I’m sure some of them will teach in return for food, right?  I have a ridiculous backlog of Craftsy videos to get through, a few new books, and a ton of superwide and batting to practice with.  You know, I think I’m going to be alright.

Jaybird Quilts Rock Candy Kona New Classics Color

Thank you to everyone who offered their support and sympathies this morning.  They were very appreciated.  It was really tough, but I definitely feel better now that I’m home and have had some sleep.

Until next post, happy quilting!

– Jane

Again, here’s my Rock Candy gallery:

My Unconventional Christmas Stocking – Kona Cotton Solids and Garden Diva’s by Jane Sassaman

Created November, 2013

Stocking - Side ATo be honest, it’s been years since I’ve thought about Christmas decorations.  It’s not something that’s come up as until this year I had lived alone and was often traveling over the holiday season.  It’s been even longer since I’ve been interested in the traditional red, green, and white color scheme.

When I signed up to take the Christmas stocking class at the Cambridge Quilt Shop, I decided to reach in to my stash, and put together something a little unconventional.  Or maybe it did have at least a little to do with convenience.  At this time I was still very much concerned about pre washing all my fabric – and now, to be honest, I usually don’t bother unless I think the colors are going to run – and as I’d returned from a trip home only days previously I didn’t have time to get out and buy Christmas themed fabric, then wash it.  I barely got this stuff washed as it was.  I didn’t have anything suitable on hand for the cuff, so I picked up this lovely print from Jane Sassaman’s Garden Diva’s collection at the shop.  And now I know how to preshrink fabric by hand, but I’m hoping that’s not a skill I’ll have to use very often.

Stocking Side B

For a first go, I think this turned out really well.  I suppose that means that the countless hours I’ve spent with my sewing machine during 2013 actually did help improve my skills.

I did make this for a friend, but I suppose it will have to do for this year’s Christmas.  I really don’t have the patience to deal with the post office during the holiday season.

It’s a shame I didn’t end up getting around to making more of these, but I have the template and can put some together later in the year.