Some Thoughts on Community – Tula Found Her Sketchbook!

I’m sure that almost everyone has already heard, but for those of you prefer WordPress Reader to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, today’s big news in my corner of the sewing world is the safe return to Tula‘s sketchbook.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.02.10 PMDepending on how much you use social media, and who you follow, you may have noticed that talk about the missing book greatly increased over the weekend, after Kat offered to increase the reward for it.  I like to think that it wasn’t the fact that a greater reward for the missing book was much of a motivating factor, but that this one piece of news just brought people’s attention back to the issue and reminded them that it was unresolved.  And really, what are the chances that someone reposting from Australia, would have a connection who was at the show, and might be in possession of the book, without knowing what it was?  Highly unlikely.

Regardless of people’s motivations, this weekend just served to remind me what a great bunch of people quilters are.  I know how many people viewed my post about it, and how many times it was directly shared from my site, and suffice to say, I’ll likely never write another post that popular, or at least not one that gains so much momentum so quickly.  It was great to see so many people take an interest and reignite the conversation.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.01.54 PM

The book was ultimately found by a custodian at the school where the show was hosted, and returned earlier today.  Is it coincidence that the book was discovered so shortly after all the online chatter about it?  It’s certainly possible, but I’d like to think that the many people who read about, shared information on, and discussed this topic over the weekend had something to do with it.

Until next time, I hope we all have a little more faith in the world.


P.S.: in the event that it’s not immediately clearly obvious, I did pinch these pictures from Tula’s Facebook page.

Can the Quilting Community Please Help a Girl Out? – New Reward for Tula’s Sketchbook

As many of you have likely already heard, Tula Pink misplaced, or lost, or had stolen, a sketchbook at Sisters, Oregon, approximately three weeks ago (second weekend of July).  Unfortunately the book has not yet been found, despite Tula’s generous offer of one yard of Owls in each colorway from Full Moon Forest and no questions asked policy.

Obviously Tula is upset, as the book is very dear to her.  It is white, 6 x 8 inches, with the above two stickers on it.  She describes it as being very “obviously” hers, which to those not overly familiar with her style, probably means that all the sketches look half completed.  If you don’t know her style, please take a quick peak at her website.

A group of friends and I were having a conversation about this on Facebook earlier today, when Kat joined in to tell us that the book was still missing, and she was upping the reward, and I promised her I’d share the news with all of you.  Kat’s a darling: I shop at her site from time to time, and she’s always lovely and personally responds to my emails, even when they’re ridiculous.  I’m not sure whether she’s discussed with Tula, but here’s the screenshot for anyone who doesn’t believe me:
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 7.59.12 PMI know, it’s tiny, but to save your eyes, it says the reward is now a complete bundle of Full Moon Forest (and if you’re not in to Tula’s fabric, you’re free to donate it here) signed by Tula if desired.  Still no questions asked.  It’s a very generous offer, plus, it comes with all the goodness of knowing that you’ve helped an artist maintain her intellectual property rights.

Please forward this to anyone you know who was at Sisters (including partners, children, friends, etc. who got dragged along) or who was working there.  Kat’s hoping it’s been picked up by someone who doesn’t know what it is, and I can see how it would be very attractive to a child.

If you have any information, please contact Kat or Tula via their websites, or DM either of them on Instagram.   I know how incredibly diverse the quilt world is, so fingers crossed that we can get this book back home.

I feel that I should point out that I have no particular affiliation with either Tula or Kat and am receiving nothing material in return for writing this post.

Many thanks to all of you who read this, and to those who reposted.

– Jane

Update: As of Wednesday, August 5th, the book has been located and returned to its owner.

Shoreline for Hopes and Dreams – Finish it up Friday

Here’s one UFO coming off that giant pile!  I think it’s been a little over two years from start to finish.Shoreline New Pastel Kona Tula Pink

This was one of the first quilt tops I made.  I was so excited when I opened up the package of batting that Monique and Lynne from Cambridge Quilt Shop recommended to me and saw that Quilter’s Dream was collecting quilts to give to people with ALS/MND.  A few days ago, I wrote a very long post about why this is such a great cause to donate to. It will probably be the first thing I publish when I get my domain back.  I’ll sum it up very quickly for you here:

We don’t know what causes ALS, and while there are some hereditary cases, over 90% of cases currently have unknown causes.  There is currently nothing one can do to avoid developing this disease, it is incurable and untreatable.  The average patient with ALS will live between two to five years, although of course, there are some who pass away within months, and others who live with the disease for many years.  During this time, a person suffering this disease will retain full cognitive facilities, and watch helplessly as their body becomes less and less responsive, eventually becoming completely paralyzed.  As you can gather, it’s an extremely grim diagnosis.  Last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge did a lot to raise the profile of ALS within the wider community, but I think a quilt is lovely way of acknowledging that individuals with this disease often feel ignored by the scientific community, misunderstood by the general community, and become increasingly isolated as they lose the ability to communicate, they are not completely forgotten.

Tula Pink Shoreline New Pastel Kona

I wanted to make something for them right away, then of course, I ran in to all sorts of problems, and it went in the “naughty box” for a very long time.  I owe Weeks a debt of gratitude on this one.  She posted a few months back about quilts for Hopes and Dreams, which reminded me that this one had been boxed up for far too long.

Jolly Tula Pink Shoreline Kona New Pastel 6

Being that this is a really easy quilt to put together, you might be wondering why it was in the “naughty box” for so long.  Well, when is a five inch square, not a five inch square?  Much more often that fabric manufacturers would like you to realize.  This charm pack ranged at everything from four and a half to five inches, and at that point, I really didn’t have the experience to know how to deal with it.  Eventually I settled on wonky seams, and honestly, I thought it didn’t look particularly good.Jolly Tula Pink Shoreline Kona New Pastel 6

Over time, I learned a lot about what happens when tops get quilted, and I thought it was worthwhile seeing if that might help this quilt a little.  It actually helped a whole lot, and honestly, I think it came out really well.

It was very interesting working with a quilt with a lot of problems.  One of the seams split while it was on my frame, so I fixed it with a quick whip stitch – it’s not exactly ideal, but a finished quilt is useful and but a top sitting in the naughty corner is no good to anyone.  Also, not surprisingly, it came out very far from square.  I thought a lot about how I was going to trim it, and decided that a square quilt was preferable to an oddly shaped one, so all the lines look a little bit slanted now.  It’s one of those things that I’m counting as not being a big deal.

I quilted this one myself, with an edge-to-edge swirl vine, accented with leaves – a design I learned from Dusty Farrell. He’s gotten very creative with the semi-custom E2E designs, and I really love that idea.  It’s so much more interesting than a pantograph, and allows for a little bit of customization.

Getting this photographed was a pain.  I’ve seen so many lovely photos where quilts just happen to drape themselves beautifully over an accent chair.  This didn’t happen for me.  Maybe the chair is just too small and I might have to look for a larger one.  It took a long time to get this one to cooperate.

Then, Jolly decided to stage a protest about my blog being partially named after him, and him not appearing on it anywhere, so here he is in all his scruff-muffin glory.  Yes, we should get him clipped, but the car sickness is a major barrier to this, as there’s no groomer within walking distance here.  I really don’t think he cares much how his hair looks, and he seems pretty happy either way.

Here are all the photos Jolly insisted we include:

Jolly Tula Pink Shoreline Kona New Pastel 5 Jolly Tula Pink Shoreline Kona New Pastel 4 Jolly Tula Pink Shoreline Kona New Pastel 3 Jolly Tula Pink Shoreline Kona New Pastel 2 Jolly Tula Pink Shoreline Kona New Pastel i

I’m curious about whether other quilters donate their work.  If you do, do you have an organization of choice, or do you work for many?

I’m also linking up with Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.  I think this is the first time I’ve joined this particular link party.

And all the usual info:

Pattern: Shoreline by Tula Pink (it’s a free download from her website).

Fabric: Kona New Pastel, by Robert Kaufman.

Pieced by me with Aurifil 50wt.

Quilted by me with So Fine 50wt. by Superior Threads.

Batting: Dream Wool.

Until next time, happy quilting!

– Jane

Marquise IV

I haven’t had much opportunity to woe on any of my slow sewing projects recently, so Marquise is taking a bit of a back seat.  I had planned to be working on it for a while, and it will get finished eventually.

Here’s my latest block:

Tula Pink Marquise Block

And my progress to date:

If you’re so inclined, you can read my previous posts on my Marquise quilt by following the links below.

Installment One

Installment Two

Installment Three

Until next time, happy stitching!

– Jane

WIP Wednesday #3: Marquise III

I’ve been falling very behind on the posts lately.  It began with a little bit of a photography issue (otherwise known as Nick being out of town and me having issues with the flash) and just grew from there.  On the plus side, I do have a nice backlog of things to talk about.  Unfortunately, I headed out to HMQS in Sandy, Utah, without the photos I needed, so fingers crossed that my descriptions of them will result in the correct files being emailed soon.  I figure I’ve got enough down time over the next few days to get caught up a little.

Speaking of downtime, it appears as though I haven’t had particularly much of it of late.  It’s not something I notice when I spend a lot of time with my sewing machine, but it becomes very apparent when I realize that after two weeks, I’ve only been able to put one block of my Marquise quilt together.  Hopefully I’ll get through a few more in the next couple of days.  For the time being, here is my solitary block, but even one block puts me four or so hours closer to finishing my quilt top.  12

I might get working on it now.

Here’s my Marquise progress thus far:

And for those that are interested, here are my previous posts on this quilt:

Post One

Post Two

I’m linking up again with Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

Until next time, happy quilting!

– Jane

WIP Wednesday #2: Marquise II

It’s unsurprisingly been a hectic and disordered week here. I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I’d hoped, but obviously there are some things that have to be prioritized over quilting.

Tula Pink Marquise V

I always feel as though I need a certain amount of time to make getting the machine up and running worthwhile, but paper piecing is something that can easily be done a little at a time. I managed to get through a nice chunk of my Marquise quilt this week.

Tula Pink Marquise VI

As I determined that swapping the fabrics within the blocks was a little complicated, I decided to make the blocks a little out of order, as I was getting a little tired of working with the same fabrics, so things will be popping up in a bit of a random order from here on out. I was really fun to dip in to some of the colors I’m a little more drawn to.

Tula Pink Marquise IV

There’s a downside to the way I’m making this. The kit provides enough papers to make the quilt row by row, but that’s it. As I wanted to make all the blocks then put them on my design wall (or the floor, because they’re undoubtedly too heavy to stick to the flannel) and play around the layout a little, I’m very close to running out of papers. Fortunately I found a website where I could order some more – is that horribly wasteful of me? I just can’t devote the time to hand cutting card from a template, and I haven’t seen a punch for the honeycomb hexie yet – so I’m waiting for those at the moment.

Tula Pink Marquise III

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve worked out that it takes me around four hours to complete each full block. I made the Indigo block in one go, and honestly, it’s not something I’d ever do again. By the end of it I could barely see, but I was so determined to get it done. I’m incredibly happy that I purchased the matching thread, although I was skeptical about the need for so many at first. Having really closely matching thread really makes such a difference. I’m very happy to admit that my stitches are less than even, but I absolutely don’t think it’s going to be a problem once I have this quilted. The one thing I’ve learned so far regarding the thread is to match the darker colored fabric. Light thread seems to show much more obviously against a dark background than darker thread does against a light one.

Tula Pink Marquise Collection II

That’s it for this week’s WIP Wednesday update. Hopefully I’ll have something from the machine to show you next week.

Until next time, happy sewing!

– Jane

Here’s what I have so far:

Sunday Stash #2: Elizabeth

I’m linking up with Molly Sparkles for Sunday Stash again today.

This week, I have a small collection from Tula Pink‘s Elizabeth line.  No doubt I’ll collect a little more in the future, but this what I could reasonably foresee myself using in the near future.

Fortunately, my friend Traci pointed out how well the colors in Elizabeth go with those in Parisville, so I picked out the Chainmail because I thought my Kiss Kiss needed a bit of an update.  So much for the “final pre-quilting update.”  I’ve just been dissatisfied with the border, and thought changing the fabric up might make it a little more interesting.

Tula Pink ElizabethThe Bats in the Belfry is because I’m hoping at some point in the next few months (although I think I need to do a little learning first) I’m going to do something almost unprecedented and attempt to make some garments.  It’s won’t be anything too fussy, but considering I haven’t made any more complicated than elastic-waisted pajama pants since 2010, I see it being an interesting and frustrating journey.

Until next time, happy sewing!

– Jane

P.S: Yay for me!  I finally worked out how to add Molli’s button to my post.  I should probably be less excited about that…


Molli Sparkles